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Rodger Nahas

The construction industry plays a significant role in the growth of the Australian economy. It accounts for a significant percentage of our Gross Domestic Product and is considered one of the largest industries in Australia. It is estimated that almost 75% of all construction is done along the east coast, predominantly in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The construction industry operates in both the public and private sectors. Work is performed in residential and non residential construction. The services including building structures, land development, installation work, civil engineering and site preparation.

The range of challenges faced by the industry are varied and broad, ranging from qualified staff shortages, regulatory complexities, legal issues, environment considerations, safety, unions, time constraints, economic conditions and technological changes. Construction insurance is key to cover contractors and construction site.

What are the exposures?

If you need to find reasons on why it’s important to insurance your constructions site, we mention here some exposures in the construction industry that will vary based on the type of work being done. In general, on building sites and high rise buildings, substantial risks at the site will include fire from staff smoking, welding and hot works, storage of flammable items, site security, experience of staff, exposure to natural elements, failure of form work as well as liability to or errors made by subcontractors.

Civil construction has some additional exposure with an added risk due to the value of accumulation of tools and machinery in one location for the purpose of storage. Housekeeping and security becomes essential. Whilst claims from civil construction may not be frequent, if a claim occurs it could be a catastrophic loss.

Whether insuring an owner/builder or a national builder, our experts have the experience to assist and add value to your project. We work to ensure we identify the most suitable coverage with relevant endorsements to tailor the insurance to your business’s requirements.

What can go wrong?

A large number of claims in the last 15 years has included injury to third parties or workers engaged on the site (worker to worker). It is important to ensure safety and have a insurance cover for contractors.

A roofing sub contractor, working on a 2 level commercial building, fell off the roof as a result of improper guard rail system.

Work cover in Victoria claimed against the contractor on the basis of negligence. A claim was paid to the sub contractor in excess of $120,000.



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