Kalum Wickramasinghe

Account Executive

Not all boat insurance policies are the same. The level of benefits can vary between insurers.


A quality insurance broker can assist you in identifying the best policy required to meet your needs and ensure that in the event of an unfortunate incident, your claim is handled in an efficient and timely manner with the maximum benefit.


Pleasure Craft, Run About & Jet Skis

Insurance coverage is available to protect your vessel against loss or damage including motors, equipment, accessories, trailer and personal effects.


You can extend your insurance to cover you or anyone allowed by you to control your boat against legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury, property damage or sudden accidental discharge of pollutants caused by your vessel.


The list of additional covers offered by some insurers may include the following benefits:

  • Personal accident – death
  • Temporary disablement
  • Water ingress
  • Emergency land towing
  • Search costs (pleasure craft)
  • Emergency delivery of fuel (pleasure craft)
  • Lay Up – (vessels not used in winter)
  • Return to berth or home


Super Yachts

Insurance is available for damage to the vessel, hull, machinery, equipment on board and any items connected to the yacht such as diving gear, wind surfers and similar items.


Liability cover is provided for any accidental death or bodily injury to persons other than the insured as well as accidental damage to people’s property.


Some insurers will extend to cover persons who sustain bodily injury or loss of life on boarding or leaving the yacht, as well as medical payments such as ambulance costs, hospital and nursing.


Other benefits you may want to consider include:

  • Business Entertainment
  • Charter
  • Demonstration
  • Mechanical failure
  • Vessel grounding – inspection costs
  • Emergency cover for towing, delivery of gas, oil and parts


Commercial Vessels

Coverage can be sought for loss or damage to the vessel, hull. machinery, equipment and accessories such as sail, masts, spars, rigging and trailer.


Your liability will automatically extend to cover the skippers of the vessel against legal liability for accidental death, bodily injury or property damage.


Cover can be extended to cover Passenger Liability for accidental death or body injury including from food served on the vessel.


Paid crew can also be covered for death and permanent or temporary disablement.

What can go wrong?

An unexpected flash flood caused by a thunderstorm raced through Toowoomba’s central business district in Queensland in November 2010.

Rainfall from the same storm devastated communities in the Lockyer Valley.

A few days later the Brisbane River rose with as many as 18 boats and 380 pontoons being washed down the Brisbane River. The cost to insurance after total devastation was in excess of $2.4b.



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