Our Insurance and Risk Management expertise ranges across many industries including manufacturing, wholesaling, corporate, financial and non for-profits sectors.

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High rise buildings form part of Australia's cities landscape . These building have their own risk characteristics as well as their own unique exposures.


Assault claims and the issue of security outsourcing continue to be major factors in assessing the risk of a nightclub and the insurance premiums the club will pay.


Staff turnover, changing penalty rates, consumer trends and legislation are some of the major issues the hospitality industry continues to face.

Plastics & Fibreglass

Plastics and fibreglass are woven into our society and our way of life, however, the manufacturing of these goods can still be a hazardous process.

Caravan & Trailer

The caravan industry has a turnover of over $1.8 billion in revenue with one caravan being manufactured every five minutes.


The franchise industry is a major employer in the Australian workforce market. It covers almost all facets of our daily life. Therefore getting the insurance right is vital.


The construction industry has seen an increase in personal injury claims to workers resulting in most insurers placing a higher excess on claims from contractors.


Understanding Start ups, incubators, Venture capitalist is new terminology for most insurance staff, failure to sell yourself could become an expensive exercise.

Professional Services

As a professional business, what happens when you give the wrong advice or give an inaccurate statement leading to financial loss?

Steadfast Eastern

Every organisation and every individual has a story to tell and we are no different.

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Earthquake Insurance

After an Earthquake hit Melbourne at approximately 9.15am on the 22nd of September, many of our customers have turned to their insurance policies to determine whether they are covered for any resultant damage.

Franchise Insurance – What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

No matter the business you run, insurance is a necessity. For franchise business owners, the protection that insurance cover provides makes the difference between a successful franchise and a vulnerable one.

Why Is the Insurance Market Hardening?

Many of our customers have been facing increasing premiums over the last 18 months…