If you are unfortunate to have a marine cargo claim, you want to ensure it is handled efficiently to avoid delays.
One of our insurance partners “Proteaus Marine Insurance” has put together a quick guide to assist in the handling of such claims which clients may find beneficial,
The aim is to ensure all required documents are provided from the outset to avoid slowing the claim process and ensuring all client expectations are met.


• Fully Completed Claim Form
• Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Consignment
• Commercial Invoice
• Estimated Claim Amount
• Claim on Carrier (Cargo Claims)
• Photographs of Damage sustained (where applicable)
• Pre-Transport Inspection Reports – Second Hand Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment
• Repair / Replacement Quotes (where applicable)
• Vehicle Registration (Carriers Claims)
• Driver’s / Operator’s License
• Details of Salvage (where applicable)
• Police Reports (where applicable)


• Fully Completed Claim Form
• Vessel’s Operating Certificate (where applicable)
• Skipper’s License (where applicable)
• Photographs of Damage
• Details of any Third Party Vessel / Property involved
• Valuation Report (where applicable)
• Repair / Replacement Quotation(s)

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