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Money insurance covers money stolen from your premises in a safe, also whilst you are in transit. This insurance doesn’t only includes cash but also cheques. A Steadfast Insurance broker will help you to determine if this is the right insurance for your business, but you need to consider that this type of insurance is important, as not being covered can create a big loss for your business.


Contact us today and one of our insurance brokers will help you with any enquiries and questions you have about money insurance.


Most business insurance policies also include the following cover options;


Property Insurance

This section covers business property such as Buildings, Stock, Contents and Customer Goods against fire or other perils such as water and storm damage.


Business interruption insurance

In the unfortunate event of a loss such as a fire at your business, your income is likely to be affected.


This section covers your loss of profits and additional costs incurred following damage to the business.


Burglary insurance

A burglary can be costly and cause major disruption to a business. Burglary cover covers stolen property.


Glass insurance

You are a tenant under most lease agreements and so you will be required to insure glass in the building you tenant. Glass insurance not only covers external glass but internal glass as well as signage if they are broken during the insurance period.


Liability insurance

Liability insurance provides cover for amounts which you may be liable to pay for personal injury and property damage to third parties in connection with your business. Third parties may include customers, contractors and others who visit your premise.


Machinery breakdown insurance

Most machinery is operational 24 hours a day and break down will eventually occur. This section covers sudden and unforeseen loss to your plant and machinery. It also covers stock whilst in cold storage and fridges.


Electronic equipment insurance

This section covers unforeseen or sudden loss to electrical equipment. This section can also cover the restoration costs of data that may be lost.


Management liability insurance

This covers a range of management issues such as governance, finance and management activities faced by owners and managers of companies. Issues range from alleged mismanagement of the Company by the Directors (Directors and Officers Liability), Staffing issues, e.g. unfair dismissal of staff, Crime losses – e.g. theft by staff, Statute Law Breaches – e.g. Work cover and Tax Audit costs. Hence, the section provides cover for legal costs and compensation that arise from allegations you have caused loss to someone else and should be seriously considered.


Cyber insurance

This section is becoming so important in the 21st century with a heavy reliance on computers and the digital space. A cyber policy provides the business with protection against extortion, hacking, social engineered theft, stolen identity, privacy errors, telephone phreaking and more. Cyber crime is fast becoming one of the most concerning areas to many businesses large and small.


Goods in transit & marine cargo insurance

If your business involves the importing or local transportation of your goods by road, sea or air, this section covers those goods whilst being transported until point of delivery.


General property insurance

If you have mobile equipment such as phones, iPads or specific business equipment, this cover provides protection when they are away from the premise.


How Steadfast Eastern Insurance Brokers can help?

We insure businesses of varying sizes all around Australia. We listen to your needs and understand what you do, we use our years of experience in the insurance industry and market know how, we rely on our experience with similar businesses and tools available to us to research the market and provide you with business insurance cover suitable to you.

Why use our services for your money insurance?

  1. We have access to over 100 insurers in the Australian insurance market, some are specialists that do not deal directly with the public.
  2. Insurance suppliers offer between them hundreds of different products, we can advise which products may best suit your needs.
  3. We have a genuine understanding of the market, we understand how the insurance market operates, when the market is entering a soft phase or prices are starting to harden and can advise you accordingly.
  4. We can help you understand your policy, some of the terms and conditions and how they operate.
  5. We can assist you with Risk Management Programmes to reduce your exposure and present yourself to the insurer in the best possible light.
  6. If you make a claim, we are here to help to ensure you receive exactly what your entitled to in a fair and reasonable manner.
  7. We hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence.


We are backed by the strength of Steadfast Limited, Australia’s largest general insurance distribution network.

What can go wrong?

Most people would think that a store inside a shopping centre would be safe from smash and grab.

However, at approximately 3.45am on 3rd of January, 2018 three hooded bandits drove their 4 wheel drive vehicle into the entrance of Uni Hill factory outlet shopping centre in Bundoora, Victoria. Once inside they targeted a jewellery store and stole $30,000 worth of stock.



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